Pavement Evaluation

PCI is a full-service pavement engineering company that provides comprehensive pavement evaluation services, including visual condition surveys, nondestructive deflection testing using a Heavy Falling Weight Deflectometer, and coring/boring and materials testing. We maintain a comprehensive library of pavement evaluation software. We choose the software to suit the specific project needs.


Pavement evaluation results provide an agency with specific information on pavement condition and strength, as well as projected serviceable life.

The Benefits of Completing a Comprehensive Evaluation Include:

  • Determining current surface condition
  • Determining in-situ pavement layer strengths
  • Identifying pavement design parameters
  • Estimating pavement load carrying capacity / Pavement Classification Numbers (PCN)
  • Evaluating the impacts of changing facility use
  • Estimating remaining functional and structural serviceable life

The Services We Provide Typically Include:

  • Visual condition surveys using ASTM standards to identify existing surface condition
  • Nondestructive deflection testing using a Heavy Falling Weight Deflectometer to measure pavement response to an applied load
  • Pavement layer strength estimates using state-of-the-art software packages
  • Allowable load / Pavement Classification Number (PCN) estimates
  • Remaining functional and structural pavement life estimates
  • Site-specific pavement rehabilitation designs for those pavements requiring either a surface repair or structural strengthening