Pavement Design

Our pavement designs provide the most cost-effective new pavement or rehabilitation strategy. We translate our recommendations into clear, concise and accurate contract documents (plans and specifications).

Pavement Designs

Our pavement designs are completed using the results of our pavements evaluations and state-of-the-art computer software (FAA, AASHTO).

The Following Benefits are Achieved in Our Pavement Designs:

  • Site-specific new pavement or rehabilitation designs tailored to the particular project needs
  • Error-free construction documents
  • Accurate construction cost estimates

The Services We Provide are Typically:

  • Assess current pavement condition or site conditions for new pavements
  • Evaluate the traffic anticipated to use the facility over its design life
  • Identify feasible rehabilitation or new pavement design strategies
  • Conduct life-cycle-cost analyses to determine the most cost-effective design
  • Prepare a detailed engineer's estimate of construction cost
  • Develop project plans and specifications