About Us

The principals of our firm, Jo Lary and Jay Sharma, are highly respected leaders in the pavement engineering community.

Jo A. Lary

Jo began working in the pavement engineering field more than 30 years ago when she co-founded PCI in 1983. Her professional focus is the implementation of airport pavement management systems, and the evaluation and design of airport pavements. Jo has bachelor's and master's degrees in civil engineering and has completed additonal post-graduate coursework focusing on pavements.

Jo is part of the beta-test group for the MicroPAVERâ„¢ pavement maintenance management software and is also a member of the MicroPAVERâ„¢ consultant advisory panel. Jo has been implementing MicroPAVERâ„¢ for clients since the mid-1980s. Jo has also been a frequent speaker on airport pavement issues at industry conferences including those sponsored by AAAE, SWAAAE, ACI-NA, WAMA, OAMA, FAA, NASAO and ASCE. Jo organized, and was principal speaker at, AAAE's Airport Pavement Management and Evaluation Workshop between 1995 and 2012.

Jo is an active participant in many industry groups including the Airports Council International (ACI) where she serves as a member of the World Safety Technical Standing Committee. Jo has chaired the American Socity of Civil Engineers Airfield Pavement Committee, served as Chair of the Airport Consultants Council, served as Chair of the ACI World Business Partner Advisory Board, and served on the ACI-NA World Business Partner/Associates Board.

Jay Sharma, P.E.

Jay co-founded PCI in 1983. Jay, who has been a practicing civil / pavement engineer for more than 40 years, is a noted pavement expert. He is a registered professional engineer in several states. Jay has served on many national committees that were responsible for developing pavement evaluation and design standards.

Jay has been a forerunner in the use of the Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) nondestructive deflection testing device to evaluate existing pavement structural strength.


We have a reputation built on superior performance. How did we do it? We listened to our clients, found out what they wanted, and did all we could to deliver it. We believe that the level of technical service we provide is exemplified by the number of clients for whom we have completed multiple projects. A partial client list, and the services provided, can be viewed by clicking the link: VIEW OUR PARTIAL CLIENT LIST