Pavement Engineering Experts

Serving Clients for the Last 30 Years

Pavement Management
Pavement management systems are a tool through which cost-effective maintenance and rehabilitation programs can be identified. Our staff can provide assistance in all aspects of the pavement management implementation process.
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Pavement Evaluation
Pavements are evaluated to assess surface operational condition and structural integrity. The results are used to estimate pavement layer strengths, determine allowable loads / Pavement Classification Numbers, and estimate remaining useful life. We have trained personnel and the equipment required to complete thorough pavement evaluations.
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Pavement Design
The end result of runway, taxiway, apron, roadway or parking lot design should be pavements that are safe, structurally adequate and maintenance free. We use state-of-the-art technology to provide economical designs for asphalt concrete, portland cement concrete, block pavers, or any other pavement type.
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Pavement Engineering Experts

Pavement Consultants Inc. (PCI) is a professional civil engineering company that was founded in 1983. We specialize in pavement management, evaluation and design and provide these services worldwide for a variety of clients including airports, ports, states, cities, counties and other consultants. We are recognized for the quality of services we provide from our offices in Seattle, Washington and Phoenix, Arizona.

We have a reputation built on superior performance. Just see what two of our clients have said about us.

"The quality of the work provided by PCI was of the highest professional and technical standards, and clearly delivered value to both ourselves and the airport involved in the evaluation."

"We ... have relied heavily on PCI to provide pavement evaluation and design expertise for our pavements. Whether it is day-to-day activities, or other involvement, we have and continue to value their input in resolving special situations, problems or operational constraints."